Senior Software Engineer

Job Duties

Global Liquid Markets, LLC dba GLMX LLC in New York, NY is an independent electronic securities trading platform that offers integrated trading solutions designed for money market participants. We are seeking Senior Software Engineers to join our top-notch engineers developing our proprietary software across the stack. Individuals will apply advanced theoretical knowledge of computer science and engineering principles and concepts, as well as experience with backend services and front-end application tools, to perform the duties of the position. Job duties and responsibilities include:

Minimum Requirements

Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Applications, Software or Computer Engineering or any related IT or Engineering field of study, plus at least two (2) years of experience in the job offered or in any related position(s).
Qualified candidates must also have demonstrable knowledge, experience, and proficiency with the following:

Additional Information

About GLMX

Founded in 2010, GLMX is an independent financial technology company financed by Sutter Hill Ventures, Otter Capital and Tippet Venture Partners. Wall Street veterans partnered with Silicon Valley technologists to develop GLMX proprietary technology which provides an intuitive, comprehensive, integrated global money market trading solution for institutional participants. The goal of GLMX is to be a leader in technology, to maximize trade lifecycle efficiency and reporting and to improve client access to market liquidity. For more information, please visit