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GLMX and LCH SA Complete Integration to Provide Access to Sponsored Clearing for European Repo

NEW YORK, November 1, 2023 - GLMX Technologies LLC ("GLMX"), a comprehensive global technology solution for trading Money Market instruments, including repurchase agreements, securities lending transactions, and time deposits, announced that it has completed integration with LCH SA to support both Classic and Sponsored Clearing for the benefit of mutual clients.

GLMX, founded in 2010, is the global leader for dealer to buy-side securities finance trading with more than $1.7 trillion in daily balances. The firm boasts an extensive network, consisting of more than 115 global clients, plus over 20 third party OMS/EMS and industry utility, such as Triparty agent and Central Clearing Counterparty connections.

“Central clearing reduces capital costs, mitigates credit risk and generates liquidity, which are essential characteristics for securities finance participants. The importance of central clearing will continue to grow in light of the current global regulatory landscape,” said GLMX CEO, Glenn Havlicek. “Our connection to LCH SA’s powerful central clearing capability is an important step as GLMX establishes itself as the nexus of deep liquidity pools for our rapidly growing European buy- and sell-side network.”

Olivier Nin, Head of RepoClear & Calm Risk, commented, “We are pleased to establish a partnership with GLMX Technologies as we look to support mutual members’ and clients’ access to both classic and sponsored clearing. Through this integration, buyside members can enjoy the benefits and gain greater access to the world’s largest Euro liquidity pool whilst banks can leverage enhanced netting opportunities, operational efficiencies, and alleviate balance sheet pressures”.

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About GLMX
Founded in 2010, GLMX is an independent financial technology company financed by Otter Capital and Tippet Venture Partners. Wall Street veterans partnered with Silicon Valley technologists to develop GLMX proprietary technology which provides an intuitive, comprehensive, integrated global money market trading solution for institutional participants. The goal of GLMX is to be a leader in technology, to maximize trade lifecycle efficiency and reporting and to improve client access to market liquidity. For more information, please visit